June 06, 2007

The Senate is filled with fools

Want proof that the Senate Democrats (and a few RINOs) don't give a darn about the economic health of the United States?

Consider the vote on the Ellis Amendment to S. 1348, the (Illegal) Immigration Bill, taking place right now. Sen. Ellis proposes that the point system used in the proposed (Illegal) Immigration (Amnesty) Bill be changed to favor admitting foreign nationals with advanced medical, technical or scientific education or skills over unskilled, uneducated aliens.

Stop and consider that for a moment. All things being equal, would it be better for the United States to admit well-educated, high-earning, tax-paying people, instead of those immigrants most likely to receive government assistance (that's your taxes, folks!) and pay nothing into the system?

The founding member of the Chappaquiddick Swim Team just delivered an arm-waving (Careful, fella; you're gonna spill your drink!), spittle-flecked, shouting denunciation of this amendment, because it won't allow enough poor people into the country.

Apparently, Kennedy thinks we just don't have enough poor folks right now, so we need to import some more.

Where's my Excedrin?

The Ellis Amendment was just defeated 42-55.

Now the Senate is voting on the Salazar Amendment, sponsored by the Democrat from Colorado. This one purports to promote the importance of English as the "common" language of our country, without making it the "official" means of communication. The reality of the Salazar Amendment is that it will give any alien receiving government assistance (your tax dollars, again, people!) the right to also receive whatever paperwork comes with the money in the language of their choosing.

8 p.m. PDST

It just passed, 57-35.

Now Sen. Inhofe (R-Oklahoma) is speaking about his amendment, making English the official language of the United States.

Well whattaya know? It passed 64-33. Of course it directly conflicts with the Salazar Amendment that passed just minutes before.

What a bunch of maroons.

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Well George Bush sure turned out to be a "conservative" didn't he?

Can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?

Who would have thought when I worked a phone bank for the Republican Party that George Bush would one day jump in bed with Ted Kennedy? I wish I would have stayed home and baked a nice meal for my family instead of spending one second working for George the traitor Bush.

I feel stupid for working for him. He's just another liar in a politician's suit.

Posted by: Gidget at June 6, 2007 09:41 PM

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