August 28, 2008

McCain's ready to pick his VP

Who do you think John McCain ought to choose to be his running mate?

I voted in the on-line poll over at National Review; you can too.

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Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin got my vote -- but I don't think we'll be so lucky. Interesting that she's so popular amongst the conservatives who frequent NRO. That's probably the kiss of death for Maverick McCain, 'though. He'll probably pick Pawlenty (a boring white guy with limited -- read, "no" -- foreign policy experience and no notable surplusage of charisma.

I'm holding my breath that McCain doesn't decide to jab conservatives and evangelicals in the eye and tap Joe Lieberman (conservative on the war and very, very liberal on everything else) or a RINO like Lindsay Graham (ack! thhp! spit!) or Tom Ridge (groan).

Tomorrow will tell.

Posted by Mike Lief at August 28, 2008 10:31 PM | TrackBack


I am not sure I agree with your analysis. You dislike Pawlenty because he has no foreign policy experience, but you want Palin?

I like Palin and what she stands for BUT I am very, very concerned about her pick as VP. I think the democratic spokeswoman I heard this morning hit the nail on the head when she said "a woman who was the mayor of a 6500 person town two years ago could be a heartbeat away from the oval office."

The number one argument that McCain has going for him is Obama's complete lack of experience. How can he make that argument now? Don't get me wrong, I like her, but I think this may have been a disastrous pick. The reality is that many, many voters will carefully examine whether they are prepared to have her as our president given McCain's age. The man is 72 uears old. He is reaching the average life span for adult males in this country. What qualifies her to be making the ultimate decisions if we have to fight the Koreans, Russians or the Iranians? The more I talk about it the worse I feel.

To quote Mr. Lief, "Oy Vey"

Posted by: RW at August 29, 2008 11:38 AM

I've been lukewarm about McCain. After his selection of Palin and reading more about her, I logged on to his website and made a campaign contribution.

Posted by: Bill H at August 30, 2008 03:35 PM

I must admit after having 24 hours to think, watch CNN and have lunch with Mr. Lief, I am now convinced that I was DEAD wrong with my original post.

Who better to be a voice on Iraq than a woman whose son is on his way?

Who better to talk about abortion than a woman who CHOSE to have a child with Down's Syndrome?

Who better to highlight the fact that Obama has no experience than a 44 year old soccer/hockey mom who DOES have executive experience?

Who better to talk about the economy than a governor that put the governor's jet on Ebay because it was wasteful?

Who better to talk about the economy than a woman who has a husband that is blue collar?

Who better to exemplify change than a woman who is as far removed from Washington as anyone??

Who better to talk about the American Dream than a woman who went from the PTA to the City Council to the Governor's mansion to the VP nomination in less than three years???

I got one thing to say...F__K IT MCCAIN!!!!!!!!

Posted by: RW at August 30, 2008 06:13 PM

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