March 16, 2009

And so the assault on the Second Amendment begins

It was bound to happen, notwithstanding Obama's protestations to the contrary, and the Second Amendment's death of a thousand cuts begins with a seemingly innocuous change in policy from the Department of Defense.

The Shootist posts:

It is an end-run around Congress. They don't need to try to ban guns--they don't need to fight a massive battle to attempt gun registration, or limit "assault" weapon sales.

Nope. All they have to do is limit the amount of ammunition available to the civilian market, and when bullets dry up, guns will be useless.

Think we jest?


From now on, remanufacturers of military brass will not be able to buy surplus brass from DOD--actually from Government Liquidators, llc.--the corporation that sells surplus materials for the U.S. government. At least, not in any form recognizable as once-fired brass ammunition.

Now all brass ammunition will have to be shredded, and sold as scrap.

Georgia Arms, who brought this to our attention, is the 5th largest ammunition manufacturer of centerfire pistol and rifle ammunition in the U.S.

"We're right up there behind Hornady," Larry Haynie told me.

He also told me with the cancellation of his contract to purchase this brass, and the ending of his ability to purchase any more expended military ammunition, he will have to severely curtail his operation--laying off approximately half his 60-person work force.

Haynie further pointed out this move is a stupendous waste of taxpayer money--reducing the worth of the brass some 80%--from casings, to shredded bulk brass.

He stated most of this will now go to foundries where it will be melted down, cast in shippable forms, and likely be sold to China, one of the largest purchasers of U.S. metals on the open market.

Haynie was manufacturing over 1 million rounds of .223 ammunition every month, which he sold on the civilian market to resellers, and to law enforcement agencies across the country.

He will start tomorrow sending cancellations of orders for .223 to law enforcement agencies all over the country.

You can expect this to affect every bullet you purchase in the future--with no reloaded ammunition available, the already strained new manufacturers will be unable to meet demand. They are already turning out everything they can build for the military market. The civilian market is stressed to the point even reloading components have become hard to find.

Now, with this hit, ammunition prices will go through the roof in the next year.

Your quality piece, sitting in your gun rack, will become a very expensive wood and steel, or plastic and steel club.

What can you do?

Google "contact members of Congress" or simply type in When you reach that site, type in your zip code--it will give you all your representatives, senators, and their web pages.

Or you can find the addresses and e-mails of your own senators and congressmen by going to and

I've long thought that going after ammunition was the logical avenue of attack for the gun banners in the aftermath of the Supreme Court's Heller decision.

Sure, the Supreme Court said the Second Amendment guarantees you have a right to weapons for self-defense, but nobody ever said you had a right to cheap, plentiful ammunition.

Just like Obama said, nobody's going to take your guns away. You'll be perfectly free to use them to club your enemies.

Please, contact your feckless Congressional crapweasels and complain about this endrun around the Constitution. The hour is late -- Is it really only three months into the Obama administration? -- but it's not too late.


Posted by Mike Lief at March 16, 2009 10:30 PM | TrackBack


It would be helpful if you, or anyone, could post the EXACT cite for the regulation at issue, so we can be specific in our letters . . .

Posted by: The Little Coach at March 17, 2009 08:08 AM

What the government gives, the government will take away. Shame on anyone who has depended on this source of ammunition. And congratulations to those manufacturers who will enjoy the fruits of the market now freed of this government subsidy.

Posted by: LT at March 17, 2009 02:45 PM

The good news is that the other gun blogs say the administration has already backed off this edict, saying it applied only to large caliber stuff. So, as a trial balloon, this one got shot down. Still, Mike is right that ammunition is an easier gate to get through for the gun grabbers.

Posted by: The Little Coach at March 18, 2009 07:04 AM

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