October 06, 2010

What to feed Fido

I noticed during our stealthy, just-before-closing, swoop-in-and-zoom-out visit that Costco is stocking quite a variety of Kirkland brand dry dog food in 40-pound bags, all at about half the price of the Nutro we've been feeding Bogie and Roscoe. If you're not a dog owner, you wouldn't notice that the price of the stuff has gone through the roof recently, so the Costco house brand looked mighty appealing.

When I got home, I started researching on the interwebs and came across a number of sites devoted to discussing, analyzing and arguing about the merits of various brands of Fido food, including Here's the page for Kirkland's Signature Dog Food, and this page has ratings for a bevy of brands.

It seems like the nutritional content of the Kirkland kibble is good, and the overall rating is higher than the more-expensive Nutro feed.

It might be worth seeing how the boys do on the Kirkland diet.

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