Comments: Capt. Scully's wild Hudson River ride

That is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. It sent absolute chills up my spine. Heroism doesn't even describe it. WOW...

Posted by RW at November 15, 2009 07:53 PM

if you're in a situation in which God/The Gods/the circumstances you're in haven't already irredeemably decided your fate, there's this simple but very true rule: winners *win*, and losers *lose*.

we used to have a whole country of men like that: winning world wars we were woefully unprepared for while the enemy had been manning & planning for decades or more; doing the impossible and flying like birds, and later, landing on the moon; creating the richest, freest, most-laden-with-opportunity country on earth from vast, trackless wilderness. there's a line from 'the wind and the lion' - one of my faves - in which the young state department official (!!) proudly proclaims to a decadent, skeptical pasha that "we have men who can do anything". the schools and the feminists and the psychologists and the ritalin have been doing their best to stamp out men like that, but there are - despite their best efforts - still a few men of old-time excellence out there still. there's a **LOT** of lucky people out there thankful that one decided to go into flying airliners.

lastly, let it be noted that capt. sullenberger, whose awe-inspiring skill and utterly calm, laserlike focus in the face of certain death saved the lives of hundreds, was born & raised in Texas. some might think this a mere coincidence - an accident of geography that has no bearing whatsoever on his magnificent performance that day.

those people would be wrong.

Posted by palm beach sugar daddy ken doll at November 18, 2009 12:15 AM